& Mules
Some Unlisted 
Silvered Trachy
of Th. Mangaphas

This section is intended to contain interesting data on the post 1204 coinage not generally available to the ordinary collector for various reasons, e.g, because it appeared in less accessible academic journals, or arose from unofficial or ephemeral sources, such as private collectors or internet auctions (information from readers is welcome). This data is often used to support the arguments in the accompanying articles and notes.

Details of the coins in some recent unpublished finds of Palaeologan types from the period of Andronicus II and early Andronicus III are given.

A summary of all known overstrikes involving the Thessalonican coins of Andronicus II and Andronicus III is given, including many previously unpublished examples from recent finds.

A number of Paleologan types not found in the standard references are also detailed and shown.



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