The Trachea of
Andronicus III
the Trachea
The Bulgarian & 
Latin Imitatives
Sequencing the 
 Latin Types
The Magnesian 
Trachea of M.VIII
The Coins of 
   Michael II
The Coins of John
Hyperpyra of 
 John V & VI
Andronicus I

The basic article in this section is a detailed analysis of the Thessalonican trachea attributed to Andronicus III, aimed principally at establishing just which types really are issues of this emperor, and which are not. A number of types are reassigned.

This has been supplemented by an article on the sequencing of the Thessalonican trachea of the reigns of Andronicus II and Andronicus III. This is meant to update the sequencing proposed by Simon Bendall in his "A Private Collection of Palaeologan Coins", (1987).

There is also a summary of the current thinking on the Bulgarian and Latin Imitative types, and some ideas on possible Magnesian issues of Michael VIII.

An up-todate sequencing of the Latin Imitative types is included, based on all available evidence. This is in fact my favourite work.

There is also a summary of the coins of Michael II of Epirus, as well as a critique of Hendy's ideas on the Coins of John Comnenus-Ducas.

In Sept. 2009 I added a summary and critique of Bendall's attributions of various rare types to Andronicus I Gidon of Trebizond. This was revised in 2013, and updated in Feb. 2016 to note the important new Christ Chalkites type Sommer 70.4.


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