Croeseid Types

Note that the individual images below involve a range of denominations and are not to scale. Only representative fractional types are included in the chart. A question mark "?" with an image indicates uncertainty as to the assignment of the period.

Note also that with Windows 10 scaling up the display may produce fuzzy images, in which case the image as a whole may need to be saved off for better viewing.

Latest additions/revisions:

14 Sep. '13:   Chart re-arranged - Type BE relocated. 
11 Nov. '13: 1/24 gold stater added (tentatively) to Group II. 
11 Dec. '13:   Silver staters on flattened flans (Type B?) added. 
15 Dec. '13:   Silver 1/3 stater on flattened flan added to Group II. 
25 Jan. '14:   Group I rearranged (again).  
15 June '14: And again (slightly). 
 8 Apr. '15:   Silver Type F 1/3 stater added.

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